Subscription Agreement

Please review the Subscription License Purchase Agreement below.



This SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is entered into, as of the date of license purchase until expiration, by and between Media Six LLC ("Licensor") and you, the end user of the software ("Licensee").

In consideration of the foregoing, the mutual promises and convenants in this Agreement, the receipt, and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Parties further agree to the following terms:


The Licensor hereby grants the Licensee a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to reproduce and use the follwing intellectual property ("Licensed Software"):

Blazor Studio Exension for Visual Studio, which includes the application binaries, license key(s), and technical support (if applicable).  The Licensed Software generates code ("Code Generator") which includes references to third-party open source software.  Each third-party open source software license is embedded in the output and must remain in all copies of produced software.

Terms and Conditions


The Licensee will pay the license fee upon purchasing the License Software.  The license fees do not include any shipping, duties, fees, and taxes.  The Licensee must reimburse the Licensor in full if the Licensor is required to pay any such amounts.


The Licensor will initially deliver the hard copy of the Licensed Software to the Licensee via online downloads after purchasing.  The Licensed Software will be fully delivered after verifying its license key upon installation.


By accepting this Agreement, the Licensee agrees that the Licensed Software should be used for personal and organizational purposes only.  The Licensee will not transfer, sell, or assign the license and rights to the Licensed Software to any third parties.


The Licensor reserves all rights and ownership over the Licensed Software.  The Licensor reserves every right to remotely track the Licensed Software's logs and licensing activity througout the term of this agreement.


The Licensor warrants that the Licensed Software is free from any claims, liens, and encumbrances.  The Licensor will not be responsible for any damages and loss from using the Licensed Software outside the terms of this Agreement.  Furthermore, the Licensor will pursue and exhaust all claims and legal remedies for using the Licensed Software outside this Agreement.


This Agreement will have an indefinite term unless terminated by the Parties herein.  The Licensee may terminate this Agreement by deleting the Licensed Software and any time.  The Licensor may terminate this agreement and revoke the license for breach of this agreement at any time.


This entire Agreement is goverened by the intellecutal property laws of the State of Nevada.  Its terms and conditions will bind and benefit the Parties herein throughout its entire term.


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