Learn More about Blazor Studio

Need help getting started with Blazor Studio, or with using certain features? Browse through our video library and learn how do take advantage of all the powerful features of Blazor Studio.

Introduction to Blazor Studio

A brief video describing Blazor Studio and how it can be used to save time and money in your development projects.

3 min

Getting Started - Part 1

An in-depth video showing how to create your first Blazor Studio web application and populate the models and views with data from your database.

8 min

Getting Started - Part 2

A continuation of Part 1 where we show you how to create views and link pages to detail pages, create events and modify styles.

8 min

OAuth / OpenID Connect

Secure your Blazor website with OIDC and your Web API microservice with OAuth2.

8 min

Microservice Framework

This video describes the API Studio Microservice framework and scaffolding.  It explains the layout of the solution, and where the code generator places the data repository services, functional service library, Web API's and published models and API Clients.

10 min

Blazor Themes

Apply color schemes and table, popup and input control themes to your Blazor web application.

2 min

Event Handling

This video shows how to hook page events to modify the UI and optionally modify data in-flight, by explaining the Blazor Studio API event model and how to hook actions such as OnSave, OnDelete, OnRender, etc.

8 min
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