Blazor Studio Documentation

We are currently working on our documentation and videos for Blazor Studio.  Please come back soon.

Blazor Studio Solution Architecture

This describes the architecture of a typical Blazor Studio generated application. The code-generated application is a client-server application with an MVC Web API and an N-Tier architecture.

Install the Blazor Studio Extension

How to get and install the Blazor Studio Extension. Blazor Studio is a Visual Studio extension and runs inside Visual STudio. The extension is available for Visual Studio 2022 and there is a version for Visual Studio 2019.

Create your First Blazor Studio Application

How to create your first Blazor Studio application tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to create an application using the Northwind database and create data grid and form views to view and access the Northwind data.

Securing your application with OIDC/OAUTH

How to secure your Blazor Studio application using OIDC/OAUTH. This tutorial will explains the basics of OIDC/OAUTH and shows you how to enabled OIDC authentication in your website and ensure your WebAPI endpoints are secured with OAUTH2.

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