Blazor Studio Demos

Northwind Demo

This is a simple demonstration of a Northwind database management website and showcases simple datagrid pages and edit forms.

OpenID Connect/OAUTH2 via IdentityServer4 by Duende Software

This project demonstrates OIDC to authenticate users. You can login to the website via Google, or using user/password credentials shown below. It supports RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) and each navigation menu and page has corresponding Roles assigned which restrict access via the Roles assigned to the user

The OpenID Connect/OAUTH2 implementation can use any OIDC/OAUTH server such as Auth0, Okta, Google, Microsoft, etc. This demo uses the Duende Software IdentityServer interactive.public client. Each session is valid for 60 minutes.

This user has been configured for this demo with a full Administrator role. This role allows modification of everything on the website.
This user has been configured for this demo with a Manager role. This user can access most pages, but is limited and cannot modify the user accounts.
Login via Google

This will use your Google login and auto-provision a user for you in the demo site from your Google account data.

For this demo, the email addresses are not shown (as this is a public website), so when provisioning your account, feel free to change your name and any other information you wish to keep private. The data in this database is reset daily.

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